Acadia Wilderness Lodge


With only a name and a large plot of land in Southern Maine, the owners of Acadia Wilderness Lodge set out in 2020 to develop a high-end yurt village that captured the beauty of Acadia National Park with the luxury and comforts of a spa.

Live Project


Set to open in Spring 2022, Acadia Wilderness Lodge needed an integrated marketing plan that drew interest to the destination before launch, and garnered the property’s first reservations. The company’s first location would need to go from virtually unknown, to a competitive destination on Mt. Desert Island for park travelers who desired a quiet, luxury escape in nature.


Understanding the community played a significant part in developing the launch strategy for AWL. While the target audience didn’t necessarily include the surrounding residents, we knew that the project would not thrive without their support. While the local AWL team worked to create a property development plan that was inclusive of the community’s desires for a responsible neighboring business, the FLAVVRR team focused on creating a brand identity, messaging framework, and digital approach that allowed them to be an ethical steward of the area’s natural resources but also stand out amongst competitors.


Over the last year and a half, we created a three phase approach to development and implementation. During phase one, we worked to discover local and national opportunities for exposure, leveraging the insights from our research to develop a brand look that helped Acadia Wilderness Lodge to connect early on with prospective guests.

We kicked off phase two with the development of the AWL digital hub and booking engine. With a small onsite team, it was important to identify solutions that were sustainable by the AWL team long-term. We selected Webflow as the website platform for and Beds24 as the booking engine for the Yurt Village. Both options were scalable and presented easy training options for onsite teams.

We are currently in the launch phase, which is phase three where we are deploying digital, social media and third-party channel advertising to convert the audiences that we attracted during phases one and two into paid reservations.
Stay tuned!


Market & Competitive Research
Customer Experience Journey Mapping, Strategy & Implementation
Brand & Digital Strategy
Website Design, Integration and Development
Third-party Booking Channel Marketing & Management
Digital & Social Media Marketing